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January 22nd, 2006]
Well lets see so much has gone on since I last updated. I am no longer single, and I'm happy about that. My boyfriends name is James and I like him. Anyways lol Schools going down hill, not only because I'm letting it but because I'm getting lazy which I need to stop. I miss everyone from SC, I wish I could see you guys more often. I am going to AZ from the 15 till the 19th w/ Grannie Pants, it shall be fun our first 'big' trip together. Anyways, Work is stupid I hate getting up early on the weekends RAWR! Well I suppose I should maybe do my homework and wait for James to call me. <3
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July 29th, 2005]
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May 19th, 2005]
Considering the fact that peoples MOMS read my journal I'm not going to up-date it anymore because I honestly think it's very stupid at the fact that someone has to go run and tell my mom everything about what I write in my journal. Instead of paying attention to my flas and my life, how about you pay attention to your own. I'm sick of you always butting into my business. & EVEN when people do things I don't go and run and tell people everything. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Oh and by the way it's always about what I do wrong, theres never anyone else that does something wrong intersting! By the way no I didn't find out from my mom, I do talk to my family tho.
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Friends Only [Sunday
February 6th, 2005]
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